Shu-Ha-Ri - Shikishi & Case

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"Shikishi" is a typical Japanese cardboard for a calligraphy or a painting which is edged with a thin golden trim.
Size : 9"1/2 x 10" 3/4 - 24cm x 27cm
This "shikishi case" is very suitable for giving a shikishi calligraphy as a gift. The title of the calligraphy will be written in Japanese on the face.
If you own many shikishis, you can keep them preciously in this case – only one shikishi can be inserted in a case.
The case is made of a sheet of cardboard and a sheet of high-grade silk paper to protect the shikishi.
The case size is : 9"7/8 x 11" - 25cm x 28cm
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